Fixture Type Node

This page describes allowed values in the description.xml file that is bundled with a GDTF.

About this section

Every GDTF file contains a description.xml file bundled with it. The documentation in this section describes the FixtureType node which is the top-most node in the hierarchy of the description.xml file with any children. There is a higher level node, the GDTF node, but it has only 1 child: FixtureType.


The FixtureType node is the starting point of the description of the fixture type within the XML file. The defined Fixture Type Node attributes of the fixture type are specified in Table 3.

XML Attribute NameValue TypeDescription
NameNameName of the fixture type.
ShortNameStringShortened Name of the fixture type.
LongNameStringDetailed name of the fixture type.
ManufacturerStringManufacturer of the fixture type.
DescriptionStringDescription of the fixture type.
FixtureTypeIDGUIDUnique number of the fixture type.
ThumbnailResourceOptional; File name without extension containing description of the thumbnail. Use the following as a resource file: — png file to provide the rasterized picture. Maximum resolution of picture: 1 024 x 1 024; — svg file to provide the vector graphic. These resource files are located in the root directory of the zip file. Default value: empty.
RefFTGUIDGUID of the referenced fixture type
CanHaveChildrenEnumDescribes if it is possible to mount other devices to this device. Value: “Yes”, “No”. Default value “Yes”

FixtureType nodes can have the children specified in the following table:

Child NodeMandatoryDescription
AttributeDefinitionsYesDefines all Fixture Type Attributes that are used in the fixture type.
WheelsNoDefines the physical or virtual color wheels, gobo wheels, media server content and others.
PhysicalDescriptionsNoContains additional physical descriptions
ModelsNoContains models of physically separated parts of the device.
GeometriesYesDescribes physically separated parts of the device.
DMXModesYesContains descriptions of the DMX modes.
RevisionsNoDescribe the history of the fixture type.
FTPresetsNoIs used to transfer user-defined and fixture type specific presets to other show files.
ProtocolsNoSpecifies supported protocols.